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  • Tennis Club Championships 2024

    Get competitive this summer by entering our Tennis Club Championships competition which runs from 1 June 2024 culminating with a Finals’ Day on Sunday 8 September.

    Events this year include:

    • Men’s Open & 45+ Singles
    • Men’s Open & 45+ Doubles
    • Women’s Open & 45+ Singles
    • Women’s Open & 45+ Doubles
    • Mixed Open & 45+ Doubles
    • 18U Boys Singles
    • 18U Boys Doubles

    Entries have now closed for the 2024 Tennis Club Championships.
    The competition is open to West Worthing Club racquets members only. 

  • Success at Tennis Sussex LTA Awards 2024

    Congratulations to club members, Luca Thwaites and Logan Bridgman, and Club Volunteer and Director, Carole Naunton who all received awards at the Tennis Sussex Awards 2024, which took place on 9 February at the Amex Stadium. 

    Luca and Logan were presented with their County Colours for representing Sussex in their age group of the LTA Junior County Cup 2023. 

    Carole was announced as the LTA County Winner of the Cathie Sabin Volunteer of the Year Award, having been nominated alongside other volunteers from clubs, parks and venues across Sussex.

    The LTA Tennis Awards celebrate the achievements and contributions of outstanding tennis volunteers, coaches, officials, venues and players across the counties, regions and country and highlights the talent across the tennis community in Britain, which includes 25,000 volunteers, 6,400 coaches and more than 1,000 officials.

    Pictured: Carole Naunton, Sussex County Winner of the Cathie Sabin Volunteer of the Year Award.

    Pictured: Logan Bridgman receiving his County Colours from Keith Pullin.

  • Easter Open Doubles Tennis Tournament 2024


    Our popular Easter Open Doubles Tennis Tournament is back with Women’s and Men’s Doubles events taking place on Good Friday 29 March and a Mixed Doubles Event running on Saturday 30 March.

    The tournament is a fun, friendly competition, with a shortened format meaning everyone gets to play plenty of matches. The first round is a group stage which leads onto the knockout matches after lunch. There are main draw and plate draw knockout stages for all players to enjoy. The emphasis is very much on friendly, competitive play in pursuit of the best Easter themed prize!!

    The events start at 10am with the days scheduled to end by 4pm. A light lunch, afternoon tea and prizes are included within the entry fee and the competition will be played on indoor and outdoor courts (weather dependent).

    Last year’s event was super popular so early entry is recommended!

  • Why Playing Padel is Good for your Tennis

    West Worthing Club has built two new padel tennis courts as demand for the popular game continues to gather momentum across the UK. However, while enthusiasm for learning and playing padel is high, traditional tennis players might be forgiven for wondering whether the two games can successfully be played in tandem.

    Instead of fearing that picking up a padel bat might disrupt and threaten your tennis game, today’s top players have a convincing argument to the contrary. Tennis coaches and pros even think that the two games complement each other. 

    This article explores what the similarities are between padel and traditional tennis and why, if you’re worrying about combining the two, you should give padel a go to improve your all-round tennis technique.

    Two racquet sports that complement each other 

    Padel and traditional tennis work together in a complementary way and have a few points in common. 

    They are fairly easy to learn (although tennis is slightly harder to master) and they can both be played in a doubles format. Also, playing tennis is great fun and they are both relatively low impact but provide a healthy cardiovascular workout. For tennis players, picking up a padel racquet should not feel too alien and it’s arguably easy to get reasonably good at padel tennis quite quickly. In addition, with both games being played in either twos or fours, the social side of organising and inviting friends to play is an added benefit.

    When it comes to the rules of padel tennis, padel uses a similar scoring system and shares the same basic rules as the traditional game. However, there are some key differences that create a unique playing experience for anyone interested in knowing more about padel. Most notably, padel is played on an enclosed court about half the size of a tennis court, and the walls and fencing around the court are used as part of the gameplay. This adds an exciting new dimension as the ball can bounce off the walls, leading to dynamic volleys and rapid exchanges.

    Padel also uses solid ‘paddles’ instead of strung racquets which gives shots a different feel. The smaller court size ultimately means padel tennis players can enjoy a faster-paced, more compact version of the game, appealing to competitive players of all ages as well as sporty people who are looking for another active and sociable game. 

    The introduction and launch of padel tennis at West Worthing, therefore, is a chance for tennis (and squash players or anyone keen on racquet sports) to try an alternative sport that can enhance their existing skill set and hand-to-eye coordination. With West Worthing’s free padel taster sessions open to members and non-members during March 2023, the club’s new facilities are a welcome addition to the club and the wider sporting community. 

    An innovative game that attracts new members

    Introducing padel courts is an innovative way for West Worthing to attract new members to its evolving racquet sport scene. As a friendly not-for-profit club, offering padel as part of a member’s package is great for anyone who wants to play padel and take advantage of all the other sporting facilities West Worthing has on offer. 

    Now the club has opened its two padel tennis courts, the club and its members can look forward to welcoming new players as well as new padel leagues, tournaments and expanded social events at West Worthing.

    Padel attracts both serious competitive players and newbies looking for an enjoyable sport they may have heard about but not played before. Opening padel at West Worthing not only keeps the club apace of the padel trend, it gives the club the advantage in attracting new members in the local and wider area to sign up and enjoy the complete range of its racquet sports facilities.

    Padel tennis gear to get you on court

    For newcomers looking to play padel the most important item to invest in is a good padel racquet, so do your research first. Padel racquets have a solid, lightweight graphite face instead of tennis racquet strings. It’s important to find a padel racquet to suit your size, budget, strength and skill level. The club’s Proshop at West Worthing stocks a range padel racquets, and the coaches are on hand to advise you if you’re looking for a new padel tennis racquet (or tennis racquet!) sooner rather than later. Beyond a racquet, you’ll need balls designed for padel courts which have lower pressure than tennis balls. Comfortable tennis shoes with good lateral support are ideal. 

    While padel can be played casually, it’s a good idea to register for some trial sessions or arrange some coaching sessions to learn the proper shot techniques and rules if you’re not familiar with them. With the right introductory training and equipment, new players can dive into this social sport that combines skills from tennis, squash and racketball for fast-paced fun.

    So, rather than being a threat to your regular game of tennis, club players, prospective members and anyone new to padel can embrace the padel game and feel reassured that they won’t risk damaging their existing tennis skills. 

  • West Worthing Club Celebrates Opening Two Panoramic Glass Padel Courts to the Community

    West Worthing Club was thrilled to unveil its two brand new covered and floodlit padel courts at its opening event, held in late October 2023. The launch was a resounding success and marked a significant milestone in the club’s history.

    The event was graced by the presence of special guests, including Sandi Procter, President of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), and two-time Olympian, TV Broadcaster and recent Padel convert Aimee Fuller, who joined forces to inaugurate the new facilities. Their presence underscored the importance of the development and promotion of padel tennis within Worthing and the wider Sussex area. 

    The celebration featured exciting exhibition matches that showcased the sport’s fun, social side as well as the skill and athleticism of some experienced high-level players. The games included Sandi Procter and Aimee Fuller in a fun mixed match with talented Sussex Players, Luciano Cestari and Andrew McMenamin. Steph Trill, LTA Councillor for Sussex and Sussex player, Michelle Collins then joined Andy and Luciano where spectators were treated to an impressive display of skill and sportsmanship.

    The newly unveiled panoramic glass courts are equipped with the very latest floodlight technology and bespoke canopies, ensuring that players can enjoy their sport, all day and all year round. The covered facilities offer protection from the elements, allowing enthusiasts to continue their matches without interruption, even in adverse weather conditions.

    “We are delighted to introduce padel courts to our club,” said William Naunton, Chairman of West Worthing Club. “This marks a significant step in our mission to promote and grow the sport of padel tennis in the region. We are extremely grateful to Sandi Procter, Aimee Fuller and the Sussex players for joining us in this celebration and for their support.”

    The grand opening event was a testament to the vibrant and inclusive padel tennis community that West Worthing Club hopes to cultivate over the coming months and years. It is poised to attract players of all ages and levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, fostering a love for the sport and a sense of community.

    William Naunton continued “We have been thrilled by the response to our offer of free padel taster sessions for anyone interested in trying the sport and our courts. Over 400 people have signed up which has been a tremendous start for padel in Worthing.”

    For those interested in experiencing the thrill of padel tennis on these remarkable courts, West Worthing Club is offering free padel tasters during November and is now open for pay and play court reservations and coaching sessions for players to enjoy, learn or improve their game. The club invites everyone to come and be a part of this exciting new chapter for padel tennis in Sussex.

    Watch our time lapse video capturing the padel court construction project – from bare ground to finished playable courts in less than 60 seconds!

  • Get Creative for Charity this Christmas.

    Get creative this Christmas at a charity Wreath Making Workshop to be held at West Worthing Club on Thursday 7th December. The workshop, hosted on behalf of the NSPCC South and Mid-Sussex Branch, will support the leading UK children’s charity by donating all surplus made at the event.

    NSPCC South and Mid-Sussex Branch Chair, Carole Naunton said “It’s a great to be hosting our wreath-making event at West Worthing Club. Katy Lindfield will deliver the session and she comes with a tremendous reputation for providing excellent tuition at her popular pre-Christmas events.”

    The ticket price includes admission to the Workshop, tuition, guidance and all the basic materials needed to make a stunning wreath during the morning session (frame, mixed greenery, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, fir cones, ribbon etc). If you would like to include lights or baubles on your wreath, please provide these yourself. We also recommend bringing your own apron and pair of secateurs.

    Tea, coffee and a festive treat are included within the ticket price.

    Charity Christmas cards will be on sale.

    Ticket sales have closed for this event.

  • Sweet Success: Award Winning Honey from the Hives at West Worthing Club

    The beehives at West Worthing Club, lovingly tended by club member Angela Pocock, have produced some marvellous award-winning honey this summer.

    Angela, who holds an Advanced Certificate from the British Beekeepers Association, can be spotted regularly inspecting her four hives which are nestled within the club’s wooded grounds. Veiled in her protective beekeeping suit, Angela cares for her colonies (which are home to up to 200,000 bees) all year round, including during the colder months when the bees themselves are inactive.

    Angela entered honey and beeswax products into the Worthing Beekeepers Honey Show and the prestigious South of England Honey Show, both held in September, with accolades in the following classes:

    Worthing Beekeepers Honey Show – 9th September 2023

    Naturally Crystallised Honey : 1st Place

    Medium Colour Honey : 2nd Place

    Frame suitable for extraction : Highly Commended

    Beeswax Candle : 1st Place

    South of England Honey Show – 24/25 September 2023

    Naturally Crystallised Honey : 2nd Place

    Frame suitable for extraction : 3rd Place

    Angela’s success can be attributed to her dedication to the art of beekeeping where she employs sustainable and ethical practices nurturing the well-being of her honeybees and that of the local environment. Working in harmony with nature, Angela has managed to create a unique product which stands out in quality and flavour. Described as a “taste of the Sussex Coast in every jar”, Angela’s honey is available to purchase from The Proshop at West Worthing Club.

    Photo: A Pocock

  • Popular and healthy: 5 reasons to give padel tennis a shot

    Padel tennis is fast becoming one of the trendiest sports in the UK. Originally from South America, its popularity quickly spread to Europe and the US as did its reputation for being a healthy and incredibly enjoyable game. 

    Padel tennis – the perfect combination of tennis and squash – is played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court with points scored like the traditional game. If you haven’t played before and are keen to find out what all the fuss is about, here are five reasons why you should give padel a shot.

    1. Beats stress and boosts your mental health

    Like many sports, padel tennis is a great stress-reliever. Doing any sport will help to keep you healthy and active, while learning a new game like padel tennis is a healthy choice to make. Not only does playing padel tennis trigger those happy endorphin-boosting levels and boost mental health, like other racket sports, padel is the perfect way to blow off steam. Once you’re absorbed in a game, whether you play singles or doubles, being 100% focused will quickly beat any underlying feelings of stress!

    2. Maintains your physical fitness

    Playing padel tennis is a real calorie burner. Like most racket sports, padel is fast-paced and requires constant movement and quick changes in direction. All that running around and swinging a racket can burn off up to 800 calories per hour, similar to tennis. 

    Plus, it’s much more fun than just slogging it out on the treadmill! If you’re new to the area and looking for new activities to sign up for in Worthing and the surrounding area. Joining a free padel tennis taster session is a great option for meeting new people and learning something new and active to play.

    3. Builds your core strength and balance

    Playing padel tennis like any form of core fitness training or gym workout can help to build up your strength and balance. The explosive motions in padel, like rapid side-to-side shuffling and overhead smashes, improve strength in your core, legs and upper body. The quick footwork and pivot action also helps develop balance and coordination.

    4. Less pressure on your joints

    The smaller padel tennis court means less running back and forth and the enclosed walls allow the ball to stay in play longer, reducing the number of jarring stop-and-start motions that can strain joints. 

    5. Develops great hand-eye coordination

    Playing padel is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination. The speedy rallies demand quick reflexes and finely-tuned coordination as you react and adjust to the ball’s unpredictable bounces off the walls. This is a game that is great for sharpening your reflexes!

    So if you’re eager for a fun new way to ramp up your fitness, give padel tennis a try. This fast-paced game is popular for multiple reasons. As well as raising your heart rate, burning calories and boosting your feel-good endorphins, it’s easier on the body than regular tennis. 

    Book a free padel taster session 

    West Worthing Club, a non-profit amateur club is one of the only venues in Sussex and the region to offer padel tennis to the community. So, if you’re keen to give padel a go, grab a friend and sign up to the club’s free taster session to learn more about padel, and see the club’s diverse sporting facilities

    Open to players of all levels, padel is easy to pick up and once you’ve registered your interest online, you’ll be sent all the future padel news! The club is friendly and its resident coaches will teach you all the basics of padel and provide the equipment during your taster session.

  • Hectic start to the 2023 Squash Season

    Racketlon 2023

    September has kicked off with two exciting events at the club.

    At the start of the month, our squash coach, Kelly organised an amazing ‘Racketlon’ where six teams (each with four players) pitted their skills against one another playing racketball, grass tennis, table tennis and badminton.

    A super fun day of timed matches in a round robin doubles format culminated in a racketball doubles final at 4pm followed by a prizing giving and some fab food and many drinks (!) served in the club bar.

    Team ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ reigned supreme – many congratulations to them and thanks to everyone that took part with such splendid spirit.

    West Worthing Squash Graded Open 2023

    For those looking for more serious opportunities to compete in squash, the club hosts a number of graded adult and junior squash and racketball events during the year and September welcomes the Graded Open Tournament.

    This year, we welcomed around 50 players in 4 graded categories and we weer delighted to welcome relative beginners through to county level players, including several representing West Worthing Club.

  • Lucky Player wins Turkish Tennis Holiday

    Our end of summer season tennis event saw plenty of fun, competitive matches on our grass courts. Players enjoyed an afternoon of matches with afternoon tea thrown in and one lucky player winning a tennis holiday to Turkey courtesy of Polats Sports Organisations.

    Our congratulations to Sarah & Pierre for having won the event and we hope Nick enjoys his tennis holiday.