Popular and healthy: 5 reasons to give padel tennis a shot

Padel tennis is fast becoming one of the trendiest sports in the UK. Originally from South America, its popularity quickly spread to Europe and the US as did its reputation for being a healthy and incredibly enjoyable game. 

Padel tennis – the perfect combination of tennis and squash – is played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court with points scored like the traditional game. If you haven’t played before and are keen to find out what all the fuss is about, here are five reasons why you should give padel a shot.

1. Beats stress and boosts your mental health

Like many sports, padel tennis is a great stress-reliever. Doing any sport will help to keep you healthy and active, while learning a new game like padel tennis is a healthy choice to make. Not only does playing padel tennis trigger those happy endorphin-boosting levels and boost mental health, like other racket sports, padel is the perfect way to blow off steam. Once you’re absorbed in a game, whether you play singles or doubles, being 100% focused will quickly beat any underlying feelings of stress!

2. Maintains your physical fitness

Playing padel tennis is a real calorie burner. Like most racket sports, padel is fast-paced and requires constant movement and quick changes in direction. All that running around and swinging a racket can burn off up to 800 calories per hour, similar to tennis. 

Plus, it’s much more fun than just slogging it out on the treadmill! If you’re new to the area and looking for new activities to sign up for in Worthing and the surrounding area. Joining a free padel tennis taster session is a great option for meeting new people and learning something new and active to play.

3. Builds your core strength and balance

Playing padel tennis like any form of core fitness training or gym workout can help to build up your strength and balance. The explosive motions in padel, like rapid side-to-side shuffling and overhead smashes, improve strength in your core, legs and upper body. The quick footwork and pivot action also helps develop balance and coordination.

4. Less pressure on your joints

The smaller padel tennis court means less running back and forth and the enclosed walls allow the ball to stay in play longer, reducing the number of jarring stop-and-start motions that can strain joints. 

5. Develops great hand-eye coordination

Playing padel is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination. The speedy rallies demand quick reflexes and finely-tuned coordination as you react and adjust to the ball’s unpredictable bounces off the walls. This is a game that is great for sharpening your reflexes!

So if you’re eager for a fun new way to ramp up your fitness, give padel tennis a try. This fast-paced game is popular for multiple reasons. As well as raising your heart rate, burning calories and boosting your feel-good endorphins, it’s easier on the body than regular tennis. 

Book a free padel taster session 

West Worthing Club, a non-profit amateur club is one of the only venues in Sussex and the region to offer padel tennis to the community. So, if you’re keen to give padel a go, grab a friend and sign up to the club’s free taster session to learn more about padel, and see the club’s diverse sporting facilities

Open to players of all levels, padel is easy to pick up and once you’ve registered your interest online, you’ll be sent all the future padel news! The club is friendly and its resident coaches will teach you all the basics of padel and provide the equipment during your taster session.