Sweet Success: Award Winning Honey from the Hives at West Worthing Club

The beehives at West Worthing Club, lovingly tended by club member Angela Pocock, have produced some marvellous award-winning honey this summer.

Angela, who holds an Advanced Certificate from the British Beekeepers Association, can be spotted regularly inspecting her four hives which are nestled within the club’s wooded grounds. Veiled in her protective beekeeping suit, Angela cares for her colonies (which are home to up to 200,000 bees) all year round, including during the colder months when the bees themselves are inactive.

Angela entered honey and beeswax products into the Worthing Beekeepers Honey Show and the prestigious South of England Honey Show, both held in September, with accolades in the following classes:

Worthing Beekeepers Honey Show – 9th September 2023

Naturally Crystallised Honey : 1st Place

Medium Colour Honey : 2nd Place

Frame suitable for extraction : Highly Commended

Beeswax Candle : 1st Place

South of England Honey Show – 24/25 September 2023

Naturally Crystallised Honey : 2nd Place

Frame suitable for extraction : 3rd Place

Angela’s success can be attributed to her dedication to the art of beekeeping where she employs sustainable and ethical practices nurturing the well-being of her honeybees and that of the local environment. Working in harmony with nature, Angela has managed to create a unique product which stands out in quality and flavour. Described as a “taste of the Sussex Coast in every jar”, Angela’s honey is available to purchase from The Proshop at West Worthing Club.

Photo: A Pocock