Tennis Club Championships – 2023 Results

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who took part and supported the event.

Competition results:

Open Men’s Singles

Winner: Ryan Young   Runner-up: Matt Bunn

Open Men’s Doubles

Winners: Matthew Bunn & George Naunton   Runners-up: Ryan Young & Daniel Bartlett

Open Ladies’ Doubles:

Winners: Lisa Crowther & Carole Naunton   Runners-up: Sarah Turnbull & Joanne Tyson

Open Mixed Doubles:

Winners: Mia Faris & Ryan Young   Runners-up: Sarah Turnbull & Jonathan Roberts

Over 45 Men’s Singles

Winner: Ben Gowland   Runner-up: Steve Line

Over 45 Men’s Doubles

Winners: Tim Shutt & Victor Lane   Runners-up: Shaun Fox & Pierre Stent

Over 45 Ladies’ Doubles

Winners: Lisa Crowther & Carole Naunton   Runners-up: Sarah Turnbull & Penny Roberts

Over 45 Mixed Doubles

Winners: Karen Castille & Ben Gowland   Runners-up: Ali Pycroft & Gary West