We hope the following frequently asked questions will help you get started with your court bookings and explain a few of the finer details. Please ask our Reception Team for help if you need any additional support.

How do I sign in to the West Worthing Club member court booking system?

West Worthing Club uses eBookingOnline as its member court booking system. When you join, you’ll be provided with a unique User ID and temporary password. Use these to sign in and make your first online court booking. 

If you and the other players on your booking have an up-to-date email saved on your profiles, you will all receive an automated email booking confirmation.

Can I access bookings on my phone, tablet or PC?

Yes, we have both browser and mobile versions of our court booking app which are available to members. 

The browser version is best for use with PCs and larger tablets like iPads. You can access the browser version here.

The mobile version works better with smartphones and smaller mobile devices. You can access the mobile version here

If using the mobile version we recommend opening the app and saving it to your device’s home screen before entering the user ID and password. This should make access quicker and easier in the future.

How do I book a court or sports facility once I have signed in?

This depends on whether you are using the browser or mobile version of the court booking app. Follow these steps:

Browser version of eBookingOnline:

  1. Navigate to your sport using the tabs at the top of the screen.
  2. Select the date you wish to book using the onscreen calendar.
  3. Use the earlier times and later times buttons to look for your chosen time and available courts.
  4. Click on the court and chosen start time for your booking. 
  5. Enter the number of 30 minute sessions you’d like to book (some restrictions may apply)
  6. Start typing the names of other players on your booking – don’t forget to add everyone so they get a booking confirmation.
  7. Click the Confirm Booking button

Mobile version of eBookingOnline:

  1. Use the drop down sports menu in the top left hand corner of the screen to select your sport (you’re looking for the three dash symbol)
  2. Click on the grey clock to the rght of the screen to access the calendar.
  3. Select your month, day and year of booking and click the Go button.
  4. Swipe left and right to find the court you’d like to book.
  5. Scroll up and down to find available times.
  6. Select your chosen time and court.
  7. Select the + button to add a player.
  8. Start typing the member’s name in the box and select the correct member name. Don’t forget to add everyone so that they get a booking confirmation.
  9. Choose the number of 30 minutes sessions you’d like to book (some restrictions may apply).
  10. Click the Book Now button.

It is essential that you have the consent of anyone on whose behalf you are making a booking.

How far in advance can I book a court or sport?

Most sports can be booked up to 7 days in advance. Padel and Indoor Tennis can be booked 10 days in advance by racquets members.

How do I cancel a court I have booked?

There are two options for cancelling a court or booking. You can use the Manage Bookings option to show your upcoming bookings. Select the one/s you wish to cancel.

If you are using the browser version, click on the ‘bin’ at the bottom, of the screen.

If using the mobile version, select Delete.

You can opt to edit this and all future bookings to delete more than one session booked on the same day.

Any member named on your booking can cancel the court.

How do I get a refund on a cancelled court that I have paid for?

Every member named on your booking will get a full refund of the court fee back into their eBooking account, provided you cancel at least 24 hours before the start time of your booking.

Cancellations within 24 hours of the start time of your booking will not be refunded unless the sessions are subsequently rebooked online by another member.

Can I change one of the players on my booking?

Yes, you can use the Manage Bookings function to find the booking you’d like to amend. Just delete the member who is no longer attending and add the name of the new member playing. Everyone on your new booking should get an update booking confirmation. If you have booked more than one 30 minute session, you’ll need to edit all bookings on the same day.

Can I add a guest to my booking instead of a member?

Yes, you can add a guest but we ask that you add their full name to the booking and, as the lead member for the booking, understand that it’s your responsibility to ensure the relevant guest fee is paid. If you are booking a padel court, the guest fee will be collected online at the time of booking but for other courts you will need to pay at the club reception when your guest arrives. You can bring a guest up to six times per year. After that we ask that they join.

Out of fairness to our members, everyone playing sport at the club should be paying either a subscription, guest fee, tournament fee, coaching fee or court fee unless they are attending an advertised free session. We will contact you if we think you have unpaid fees.

How do I top up my eBooking account so that I can book and pay for a court online?

Activating your payment wallet on your eBooking account is simple. Step one is to add a payment card so that you can make your first top up.  

If you are using a PC or tablet and the browser version of the app, start by selecting the Manage Account button on the eBooking home screen. In the add credit section, type your top up amount. Click the add credit button. If you don’t already have a debit or credit card saved on your profile you’ll be prompted to add your card details, save your card for the future and make payment. 

If you are using a mobile phone, navigate to the main menu and select Top Up Account then add your top up amount. Click add credit followed by Make Payment. If you don’t already have a debit or credit card saved on your profile, you’ll be prompted to add your card details, save your card for the future and make payment. 

We use Stripe as our payment provider to collect your payments and store your payment card details.

I have got money on my Membership Card, is this linked to the eBooking App?

No, your Membership Card gives you access to the Club and enables you to get a discount in the bar or cafe. It is not linked to your eBooking account.

I want to book a padel court, how do the court charges work on eBooking?

The courts are charged by the half hour and the total cost of the entire booking will be divided equally between all members on your booking. 

You’ll need to make sure that every member included on your booking has sufficient credit on their eBooking account to cover the full cost. Be sure to add the right member to your booking.

If a member has no credit or an insufficient balance to cover their share of the total fee you will not be able to include them on your booking. Please ask them to top up and try rebooking. 

It’s recommended that you check your balance regularly ahead of any court bookings. eBooking accounts cannot go into debit.

If you would like to add a guest to your padel court booking, the guest fee will be automatically added to the court fee. The total fee due will be divided equally and collected from the eBooking accounts of the members named on the booking. Please ensure your guest’s full name is added to your booking. 

Details of current court charges can be found on our Pay & Play Indoor Tennis and Padel Webpages.

How do I view my payment history on eBooking?

You can do this by using the Manage Account option on the browser version of eBooking. If you are using the mobile version, you will find the View Payments option on the main menu.

I think I have been charged for a court I didn’t use. What should I do?

You can view every court fee payment, court fee refund or account top up in your payment history. Each court fee payment or refund will show a transaction ID or reference as a hyperlink. This can be used to view the related court booking. If you are still unsure about your payment history, please contact the Club Reception who will help you.

How can I change my temporary password to something more memorable?

You can change your password by signing into your account using the browser version of eBookingOnline on a PC or tablet.

The Manage Account button will direct you to your profile where you can update your password. Click the Update Password button when you are done.

I have changed my email address, can I update that myself?

You can change your email by signing into your account using the browser version of eBookingOnline. 

The Manage Account button will direct you to your profile where you can update your email address and preferences. Click the Update Password button when you are done.

If you decide to opt out of receiving email communications this means you will not receive automated booking confirmations, cancellation emails or details of any online top ups or payments on your account. It’s recommended that you opt in to receive communications.

I have a friend who is interested in booking a court, how do they book?

If they are looking to book a padel court, they can book and pay for this online via our website. The eBooking app is only available to members for court and sports bookings. Indoor tennis courts are also available for booking by non-members, please ask them to call our reception to book and pay. Our coaching sessions for tennis, squash and padel are all open to non-members and most sessions can be booked online. Outdoor tennis courts, grass courts, squash courts, snooker, table tennis, croquet and pétanque facilities are for the use of members only. It is possible for members to bring a guest to play any sport. The guest should be named on the booking and a guest free paid at Reception by the accompanying member. 

Who holds the money in my eBooking account?

The money in eBooking member accounts is held separately within the Club accounts and your balance remains your property until your membership ceases (see below) 

My club membership has ceased but I have some credit left on my eBooking account, do you have a Refund Policy?

Upon ceasing to be a member, you may request a refund of your eBooking account balance (less any monies you owe us). You will be required to complete an eBooking Account Balance Refund Form and return it to us within 30 days of expiry of your membership. EBooking accounts balances that are not claimed within this time-period will be donated to Club funds. A Refund Form can be requested from the Club Reception.