Busy times at West Worthing Club

This summer has seen many sporting events at the club. The LTA British Tour Premier Tier event from 11 to 16 June was one of the highlights, with 220 entries across the men’s and women’s events, full draws and some scorching weather to contend with. The winners, Giles Hussey and Ciara Moore, both went on to play in the Wimbledon Wildcard playoffs held at the AELTC, Wimbledon.

June also saw three petanque tournaments, Vodafone Play Your Way to Wimbledon events, Junior Doubles tennis competitions plus all the usual Sussex adult and junior tennis league matches.

Between 24 and 28 July, the club played host to the annual LTA Summer County Cup, perhaps one of the oldest events in the domestic tennis calendar, dating back to 1895.

Some 44 counties, divided into 7 groups, competed in this doubles competition at 13 different locations across England. The Club was pleased to welcome Ladies Group 5 this summer, with teams from Berkshire, South Wales, Dorset, Hereford & Worcester, West of Scotland and North of Scotland playing on the Club’s nine grass courts.

LTA President, Sandi Proctor, paid a special visit to support teams during the competition. A special mention to two club members, Noah Burton and George Naunton, who headed off to Hunstanton to play for the Men’s Sussex County Team and West Worthing’s Head Coach, Tom Pocock, who joined the Sussex County Men’s 35+ Team, competing at Devonshire Park – home to the Eastbourne International.

The grass season cannot pass without a word of thanks to our dedicated grounds team and enthusiastic group of volunteers who reliably turn out (rain or shine) to help prepare the courts ahead of play at our grass events. Some hot weather in June and rainy weather in July made for heavy work but feedback from players has been excellent, which makes all the hard graft worth the effort.

View drone footage of LTA British Tour at West Worthing – captured by Drone About Town