Collecting your new card

Please visit the Club Reception during its opening hours and one of our staff or volunteers will issue you with your card. You will be asked the following:

  • Whether you would like to top up your card with a credit balance. This can be done using a debit or credit card.
  • To allow us to take your photo, which will provide increased security for both you and the Club when using your card (or should you lose it). Your photo will be linked to your card.
  • To swipe your new card next to the door reader to double check it is recognised by the door access system

Your card is now ready to use to access the clubhouse and pay for items at any of the club tills in the bar, café and reception.

Using your card at the tills

Once your card has a credit balance on it, you are ready to use it to make purchases at the club tills.

  • Present your membership card and get 20% off non-member prices for most items in the bar and 10% off in the café. Purchases made by any method other than membership card will not attract a discount.
  • Your card must have sufficient balance to cover the cost of your purchase
  • Each time you use your card you will be offered a receipt showing details of your transaction and the balance remaining on your card
  • You can top up your card at any of our tills using a debit or credit card

Please treat your card like you would a normal debit  or credit card.

Membership Card Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. You are responsible for the safe keeping of your membership card.
  2. We ask you not to lend your membership card to another person
  3. Lost or deliberately damaged cards can be replaced by reception staff for a fee of £5
  4. Please inform us as soon as you become aware that you have lost your card so that it can be suspended.
  5. Any credit balance on a damaged or lost card will be transferred to your new card.
  6. Your money will be held separately within the club accounts and your balance will remain your property until your membership ceases (see 7 below)
  7. Upon ceasing to be a member, you may request a refund of your membership card balance (less any monies you owe us). You will be required to complete a Membership Card Balance Refund Form and return it to us within 30 days of expiry of your membership. Membership card balances that are not claimed within this time period will be donated to Club funds.

We reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time, as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, and will give notice of such changes.